Ecstasy 100mg pills (30 pills)



How Much Does Ecstasy Cost?

Ecstasy, also called “molly” or MDMA, is an illicit, synthetic drug with a price that remains relatively stable due to the ability to manufacture ecstasy in large quantities.

Treatment Options For Substance Abuse

While ecstasy is not as addictive as other illegal drugs such as crystal meth, opioids, or crack cocaine, people can still develop a psychological dependency on the drug.

Regular use of ecstasy can alter the chemical messengers in the brain that produce feelings of happiness and pleasure. Over time, the brain may become reliant on MDMA to produce these chemicals.

Treatment services for ecstasy may include:

inpatient treatment for drug abuse
dual diagnosis treatment for mental health and substance use disorders
intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
group and individual therapy for drug addiction

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